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Velocity helps children explore the science of motion and makes it fun to learn about basic physics concepts. Children can roll and race golf balls on tracks, loops and hills to experiment with momentum, friction, gravity, acceleration, speed and distance.

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• Five distinct activity areas that will remind you of skate parks, half-pipes and mountain climbs demonstrate the trajectory, velocity and momentum of moving objects.

• Experiment and compare results with data visualization software that captures multiple test runs.

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• Design your own freestyle ramp, track or jump to learn how acceleration, speed, friction and gravity affect motion.

• Check out three unique launching machines that make the drop of a golf ball different every time.

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• See real time data displays of how different factors influence the velocity of objects.

Get Ready For Adventure!

Get Ready
For Adventure!

Our exhibits allow visitors to interact with science and explore a variety of STEM concepts along the way. Whether exploring our planetarium and learning about the stars & sky or conducting exciting science experiments, you are sure to have an adventure to remember.

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"I say that to my team, whenever I have an opportunity. I share with my team that they are enabling science and exploration for dozens of missions being supported by NSN. Initially it just seems like words, but once they start realizing [their contributions] are real, I can tell you those people don't want to go anywhere. They just feel that sense of accomplishment." —Vir Thanvi, Deputy Program Manager, Exploration and Space Communications Projects Division, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center