Due to the covid-19 pandemic and changes to the school year, many students are missing out on field trips this year. So, as a service to the community as well as students and families everywhere we are providing three options for “virtual field trips” to the planetarium! These lessons utilize the same state-of-the-art software found in our Hudnall Planetarium. They are designed to be great supplements to online and homeschool lessons students are already doing while staying-at-home, as well as for face-to-face classroom teachers looking for an interactive virtual field trip experience for their students.


  • First, we will continue to host pre-recorded videos on this website
  • Next, we will offer FREE live and interactive planetarium shows on our Facebook website through FB Live.  Follow our Facebook page for more information https://www.facebook.com/TJCCenterforEarthandSpaceScience
  • Finally, we will offer classroom teachers and families doing at home learning the option to reserve a private 45-minute live virtual planetarium field trip.  These lessons will be led by one of our highly trained planetarium educators, who will serve as your guide to space and answer your questions.  The lessons can be targeted to cover a variety of topics to meet your educational needs. Information about reservations can be found here



Phases of the Moon



Night Sky Constellations: Winter Triangle (Orion, Canis Major, Canis Minor)



Mini Field Trip: Stargazing with Star Charts


Coming Soon:

Constellation Storytime for Kids

Solar System Tour

Deep Sky Objects

Navigating the Night Sky

Stargazing at home: Tips, Tools, and Apps